About us

السلام عليكم‎, Jambo, Hello & Welcome! 

It’s Zai & Zah here, the faces behind the brand.
Initially walking into the world of business and entrepreneurship, we were both skeptical and slightly intimated to be putting ourselves out there and so we hated the fact that anybody knew the real faces behind byz's, but we’ve finally decided to open up about ourselves a little bit.

So here we go,

We’re Zai and Zah, the creators of byz's.
Here we plan to tell you a little bit about us and what roles we play.

Zai (Creative Director)
Recently graduated from university, she is in charge of all the creation of the content for instagram, facebook and the website.
This means all the photos, all the excerpts, write up's, product information comes from her. Zai is also continuously designing new product lines and works on making sure that our packaging is as sustainable as possible. More often that not you'll find her sketching out new ideas on any surface. 

Zah (Production Manager)
Just about to start her 3rd year at University, Zah is in charge of production. Everything from pouring candles to sitting with our tailors to make sure that each piece is of the highest quality.