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Welcome to byz's

We are a small business run by two sisters, bringing you sutainable staple pieces that never go out of fashion.

Our ethos has always centred around being a brand that believes in a clean, sustainable and natural way of life, which is why we aim to deliver products with ingredients that are a 100% sustainable and all natural.

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The Trosuerz collection came to be when we struggled to find trousers that were both stylish yet comfortable and had pockets whilst maintaining modesty, we began to hand pick material and design our own trousers. Countless inquires later the idea of selling, made to measure, unique, limited edition designs as part of our recently re-branded company BYZS came to life. Each of our patterned designs will have limited stock. So once it’s gone, It’s gone! However our staple pieces will be available year round.

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Zahra Collection

Oceanic Collection

Staple Collection

Summer stripe Collection

Body Oilz

Body Oilz are a luxurious way of keeping your skin hydrated. After suffering from eczema for many years we wanted to try ad come up with a natural way of keeping our skin moisturised. Scented body lotion quickly became a no, because of the chemicals. However, after having cured my eczema with diet changes and using only all natural products on my skin, going back to using anything involving chemicals didn’t seem appealing for fear of a reaction. Using natural coconut oil as the base, and adding our own various scent combinations, we individually handcraft each bottle to add a completely personal and unique touch.

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Thank you BYZS for the Rose Essential Scrubz! My skin felt so fresh and nourished after using it and it left a fabulous lingering rose scent too!


Love the smell of the candle, thank you so much


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